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I recently picked up a bunch of matched sets of dice. They came in small clear baggies, the sort ideal for organizing board games but ideal for lugging dice to game night. I even have a cloth dice bag (white with purple draws, not purple with gold), but it’s not very satisfying and once you add the dice it came with (can you ever have enough dice?) it had been a touch bulky, and it still only had one big compartment.
It was a bag of holding, and everyone I wanted was a handy haversack. I took to Google to seek out a dice bag that would hold separate sets and keep them from getting all involved. I didn’t have much hope, but the Dice Bag of Nine Pockets on Greyed Out’s Etsy store taught me a valuable lesson about not being a pessimist all the time.
It holds nine full sets of dice plus features a pocket within the middle for lots of various others. The listing only features a few color options for the surface fabric, all solid colors, and I’d noticed on the opposite listings within the shop a pleasant sepia dungeon map fabric I assumed would be great on a dice bag for a fledgling DM. I sent a fast question and therefore the shop owner responded quickly that I could leave a note on the order about the material. I figured I’d be waiting a short time since it had been a custom order and therefore the standard wait time is 3-4 weeks. These pictures were taken 6 days after I ordered, so I used to be very happy with the turnaround.
One reviewer suggested that the pockets were smaller than advertised which they couldn’t fit dice alright. I asked about this also before ordering and was assured that they’d fit a full-sized set of Chessex dice (I picked a random popular brand to urge an idea).

They fit as advertised. As you’ll see there’s even a touch of headroom within the pockets and fully loaded there’s still much room within the central area. The dice shown are Perfect Plastic Dice by Hal Zucati These sets are bigger than Chessex dice would be as they’re designed to be proportional to the d20. It should be plenty for normal dice sizes. Click here for d&d dice set

The bag closes a touch differently than wont to be”> I used to be used to, clenching together into two straight lines rather than around closure. It seems to carry dice pretty much though. I turned it the wrong way up and shook a touch bit and zip came out. The dice within the side pockets even stayed where they were (though one die joined them).

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